The IV-th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Open Evolving Systems" (The Internet-Conference) 18 - 21 May, 2016

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
SS NULES Ukraine «Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute»
Mariupol State University
IE «Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture», The Republic of Belarus
IE «Polessky State University», The Republic of Belarus
Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine Latvia University of Agriculture
Research and Training Center for Applied Informatics of NASU
Nizhnevartovsk state university
«Software-Creative Korea» Research Center in Dongseo University, South Korea

Ukrainian version

Russian version

We invite you to participate in the Conference, which will be held from 18 to 21 May 2016 with the support of Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute

The aim of Conference – examination of theoretical and applied issues of sustainable development of open systems, proactive management.


1. Problems of integrated education. The dual education system Environmental education
2. Organization of socio-economic systems and local governments
3. The problems of agricultural systems
4. Economics of transitional periods
5. Information and cultural component of an open society. Culturology processes **
6. Document information support for the activities of the Organization *
7. New evolution approach in psychology and social sciences *
Vinogradova Victoria, Ph.D., associate professor, Municipal Management Academy (Ukraine)
8. Regions as an open systems
9. Language as an evolving system.
10. Mathematical problems of simulation of open systems
11. Information Protection of econometric data. Arithmetical fractals. Random processes and fields *
12. The purpose systems. Theory and practice of management
13. Convergence, Smart software and Intelligent network *
* Independent "satellite" seminar
Abstracts and papers of "satellite" seminar redirect to responsible for the section.
** Seminar in on-line mode Самостійний, "супутниковий" семінар


Abstracts and papers in the author's edition will be posted on the website NATI.
Papers, recommended by the organizing committee, will go separate collection to be sent to the central library of Ukraine and abroad. Conference participants will receive an electronic copy.
The program of the conference is planned in on-line mode with sections connecting Mariupol State University, Nizhnevartovsk State University and Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute.
Conference languages - Ukrainian, English, German, Russian.
We invite you to attend scientific organizations, higher educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries.
The organizing committee welcomes requests for independent, interdisciplinary seminars. Documents provided by these workshops will be considered as the publication, along with conference materials.
At the request of the participant, it is possible to provide electronic version of the certificate of the participant.
Chairman of the conference
Lukach V.S., PhD, Assoc., Director of Separated Subdivision of NULES of Ukraine "Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute".
Bulgakov V.N, Academician of NAAS of Ukraine, prof., NULES of Ukraine (Ukraine);
Bulatova E.V, full doctor., professor Vice-Chancellor of Mariupol State University (Ukraine);
Zboryna I.M, Ph.D., Assoc., Poleski State University (Belarus);
Ivanovs S. Dr. Sc, prof., Latvian University of Agriculture (Latvia);
Fishman B.E, full doctor, professor. Amur State Universit named by Sholom Aleichem (Russian Federation).
Organizational committee:
Chairman of the organizing committee, scientific secretary of the conference
Tolochko S.V., PhD, deputy director of educational work of Separated Subdivision of NULES of Ukraine "Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute"
Members of the committee:
Vasylyuk V. Ph.D., Separated Subdivision of NULES of Ukraine "Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute";
Galina Vereshchagina. Associate Professor, Ph.D. (USA);
Elena Tsomko, Ph.D., Namseoul University (South Korea).
Conference Secretariat
Mukvich M.M., PhD.;
Zabolotny A.A. Ph.D.;
Tsaruk N.G. (Ukraine).
Program Committee:
Dubko V.A, full doctor, professor - chairman of the program committee, scientific consultant (Ukraine);
Galina Vereshchagina, associate professor, Ph.D. (USA);
Ikalchyk M.I, Ph.D., (Ukraine);
Korkin S.I., Ph.D., associate professor (Russian Federation);
Litvinov O.I., Ph.D., professor. (Ukraine);
Raspopov V.B., Ph.D., associate professor (Ukraine);
Ryanskaya Y.E. M full doctor, professor. (Russian Federation);
E.Tsomko, P.h.D., associate professor (South Korea);
Jankowski KF n., Assoc. (Ukraine).
Site Administrator:
Zavertkin Anatoly.
Babchuk Olga, the Committee on Radio and Television of Ukraine. "Promin",
Lementarov Valery
English support:
Pitоmets Gnnady, Ph.D .;
Alla Tudykhata, The School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University, (Canada)

Application form


The electronic version of abstracts, please send an e-mail to: .

Deadline for registration and submission of materials - May 16, 2016


  1. Papers should make scientific contributions and include the results of independent research.
  2. Number of authors of article should not exceed.
  3. Structure of the article:
  • UDC (in the upper left corner of the sheet);
  • article title;
  • surname and initials of the author (s), city, country;
  • summary English;
  • Keywords;
  • text;
  • REFERENCES (according to the requirements);
  • In the text a reference to sources used are given in brackets, e.g. ([7, p.35]).
  1. Article volume up to 6 pages scope ( not numbered ).
  2. Text format - * .doc, * .docx, * .odt.
  3. Pic. : Format - JPEG.
  4. MathType 4-5. Full 12 pt.
  5. Settings page:
  • Format - A4, portrait;
  • Field: left and right - 3 cm, top and bottom - 3.5 cm.;
  • Headset – Times New Roman, size – 12;
  • Indet - 1;
  • Line spacing - 1.

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